Part 3: 10 Best Ingenious Tips & Tricks to Catch a Cheating Spouse in the Act!

What makes it stand out

Record 1080p videos with 4x digital zoom. Control the camera remotely and view live footage from the free downloadable mobile app. Motion Detection feature can take videos whenever there’s some movement and send you snapshots. Has an internal 2000mAh battery that can record 4 hours of videos at a single charge. Night Vision feature can also record videos in complete darkness. As such, even if your spouse turns off the light, you’ll still be able to monitor them.

Using spy apps and cameras is the best way of catching a cheater. However, before you do that, you should make sure that you have something to actually worry about. The following are some of the sure shot signs that they’re cheating. This will help you determine whether to go ahead and use spy apps and cameras to gather evidence of their cheating.

Signs that you’re dealing with a cheater and how to catch them:

  1. Has your spouse’s behavior changed lately? Have they suddenly started dressing better and working out to improve their physique? It might be because they’re trying to impress someone.
  2. Have they suddenly become more secretive about their phone? Maybe they changed their phone’s PIN which they had earlier shared with you. Maybe they sleep with their phone under their pillow. Or maybe they have started taking phone calls and texting in secrecy. All of these are signs of cheating.
  3. Check the computer Browser History. If they are frequenting dating sites and platforms, you might have a cheater on your hand. And if you find that they erase the browser history very often, that is a pretty big red flag in itself.
  4. Check the computer’s recycle bin as it might contain pictures or documents they want to hide from you.
  5. Whenever your spouse receives a text message, try to peek at the screen. In most phones, the message pops up as a notification in the lock screen. As such, you don’t even have to touch the phone, just peek at it. Is it a contact you recognize? What does the message say?
  6. If they’ve been coming home from work later, try asking them why they’re late. They’ll likely make some vague excuse. So ask them for specifics. If they get defensive, that’s a huge red flag.
  7. Another great tip is to try going for spontaneous sex when they’re back. Guys hardly say no to spontaneous sex. As such, if they’ve just come from work and they say no to sex (repeatedly), it’s probably because their needs are being fulfilled elsewhere.
  8. If they pick a fight with you and leave your house in anger, follow them. Chances are, they’ll lead you straight to their side piece.
  9. Has your spouse suddenly become extremely protective of their privacy and personal space? If it is sudden and very powerful in its intensity, it might be because they have something to hide.
  10. Is your partner always coming up with lame excuses to get out of the house and stay out for long periods of time? If so, it’s probably because they’re coming up with excuses to go and see their side piece.

If you can identify some of these signs, it might be nothing. But if you can identify with most or all of these signs, that means trouble and you’re probably dealing with a cheater.


So now you know all about how to catch a cheater. In this article, we’ve shown you the 5 best phone spy apps to catch cheating spouse, the best spy cameras to catch a cheater, and some valuable tips on how to catch out a cheater.

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